My Dream Summer Dress: Hinterland in Linen

Just in time before we left on holidays, I sewed the last button onto my Hinterland dress. I am so glad I did, as it turned out to be exactly what I hoped: the perfect dress for summer holidays, casually elegant, comfortable, and heat proof.

The Pattern

This picture was taken in the Cévennes by my 7-year-old daughter 💕

The Hinterland Dress by Meg of Sew Liberated is one of the most popular casual dress patterns in the sewing community right now. It is available as a PDF pattern. You do have an A0 format available when you get the pattern, so you can get it printed at a copyshop (which I did).

My version: My version is sleeveless, full-length (i.e. calf length on my short stature), and it buttons down across the entire front.

The pattern: The pattern instructions are extremely clear and well laid-out. Perfect for a beginner. The pattern itself is excellently drafted. For instance, if you want to do a sleeveless version like I did, you have a separate bodice pattern, as you need narrower armholes than for a sleeve. This is quite necessary, but also quite rarely found in sewing patterns.


Meg recently published some hacks on her blog to make a more fitted version, with darts, a v-neck, and an elasticised back. I did not do the darts or the v-neck (I actually really love the original soft rounded neckline), but I did add an elastised back to cinch in the dress. I sewed the elastic channel higher up than in the tutorial (just above the waist seam) as my linen is quite thick, and I wanted to avoid a bulky seam. ⁣⁣

The other alteration I did was shorten the bodice to raise the waist seam to my natural waistline, as I am quite petite, and favour higher waistlines anyway. ⁣⁣The waistline was quite low on me otherwise – it just didn’t fall at the right spot.

The Fabric

I used a beautiful linen that I purchased from a recent sale at Ikatee Couture. It is heavier weight than the pattern recommends, but I adore its texture, and knew I wanted to used it for this dress. The colour is one of my absolute favourites shades.

The Buttons

I love these buttons so much. I knew from the start I wanted natural, sustainable buttons directly cut from branches, and I found exactly that on Etsy. These are cut from branches that have fallen naturally from a plum tree, which was extra perfect as it is currently plum season! I just love looking at these when I am wearing this dress – they soothe me.


Between the cut of the dress, the fabric’s texture and colour, and these handmade buttons carved from a plum tree branch, this is truly my dream summer holiday dress… I feel it is just so me. We packed very light for our holidays this year, so this was the only dress I packed – and I so enjoyed wearing so often.

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